About Emirates
Digital Wallet


The Emirates Digital Wallet company is jointly owned by 16 of the UAE’s largest national banks. It was established specifically to respond to a requirement for digital payment, receipt and storage of cash for all residents and businesses, irrespective of their access to traditional banking services.

The role of the company is to run and develop the corporate structure of the platform. In this context it will have management control of the operation of the Digital Wallet, and will manage contractual relationships with vendors as well as with potential external providers and partners, including the UAE Central Bank and partner banks.

The company will also be responsible for promotion of the Digital Wallet, management of new members, custody of membership rules and monitoring of compliance requirements.

Management and Governance

The company is overseen by a Board comprising 9 non-executive Directors representing the largest 5 shareholders on a permanent basis and smaller shareholders on a revolving basis.

The executive management of the company is headed by a Chief Executive Officer supported by a number of senior managers responsible for such functions as Operations, Legal, Commercial and Government Liaison.

The Executive Management Team


Maki Vekinis, Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Digital Wallet

Maki Vekinis has enjoyed a long and varied international career focused on finance and customer delivery.

He began his career as a business analyst with IBM. After 4 years as Assistant Manager, Technology and Product Development with National Bank of Greece in South Africa and a year of national service in Greece, he worked for Citibank for a total of 18 years.

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Shadi Bakir, General Counsel

Shadi has a very broad experience of corporate law over a career of more than 20 years in a variety of sectors, including finance and banking, oil and gas, construction and real estate. In addition he has acted as company secretary in several of his previous roles.

He obtained a degree with distinction in Law from the Lebanese University in Beirut in 1996. He speaks Arabic, French, German and English.

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