Easy and Everywhere

Imagine one cashless, cardless, hassle-free way to live your life. Put it in the thing you use most every day, your smartphone.

That’s klip, soon to be accepted across the UAE.

Everyone is a user

Whatever you use cash for, klip is what you have been waiting for.

With or without a bank account and no minimum salary, using what you use most every day, your phone.


It’s quick

klip is quick and easy to set up, and guarantees instant service. Money can be spent, sent, or received in the blink of an eye.


Safer than cash

No more 'where did I put my cash?' moments.

Don’t worry about having enough cash, losing it or forgetting your wallet. klip keeps what you need ready for when you need it.


Rewards too

If the ultimate freedom of a life without cash is not enough, klip also provides rewards every time you use it.

Sign up in a flash

You can download the klip app directly from us, or from your bank’s* website. No fee, no fuss and no queues or waiting time.

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*Klip is currently undergoing certification, date of general release will be announced towards end of 2018