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What we do

Introducing Klip, your all-in-one digital wallet – no banks, no problem! Now, make payments in a snap with just a few taps. No more waiting in long lines or dealing with crazy fees. It’s easy to send or receive money from anywhere you like. With Klip, even international bill payments are hassle free. We're here to make financial freedom a breeze for everyone!

Security matters

Klip is jointly set up by Emirates Digital Wallet LLC and 15 of the UAE’s National Banks. It also supports the UAE Central Bank’s aim to reduce and ultimately eliminate the circulation of cash, minimising financial risk and fraud.

Unlocking growth with our Digital Wallet

Our platform is designed developed by Emirates Digital Wallet LLC to serve as an alternative to traditional bank accounts. For employers, we provide a secure platform that helps build loyalty and trust. And for employees, our service empowers them with greater control over their finances and simplifies tasks like sending, receiving, and paying bills.

UAE companies partner with us to empower their workforce with superior financial solutions for a stronger future for all.

Business solutions that count

Klip's offers a secure and convenient payment solution for companies across the region to pay and support their employees. We foster trust and loyalty by providing lower remittance fees, instant transfers, cashless transactions, and reward features, eliminating the need for costly alternative international money transfer services to send money home.