klip Digital Cash

Whether or not you have a bank account, klip will change how you use money. It will allow you to spend, receive, hold or send it without worrying about using physical cash. If you are resident in the UAE and have a SIM card, you are an individual or a merchant, klip will help you say goodbye to cash forever.

The world of klip

klip is the result of a partnership between 16 of the UAE's national banks. It is managed and operated by Emirates Digital Wallet LLC, which operates in compliance with UAE Central Bank rules. klip is a unique and a highly efficient and interconnected payments platform that works without a bank account and which does not hold deposits or transmit personal financial data.

For users it removes the risks and hassle of using physical cash, and for its members it reduces the cost of managing physical cash. klip contributes to the UAE's digital transformation strategy and aims to become a critical benchmark in the UAE's quest to become an advanced economy and society.

What makes klip unique?

It is the only payments system in which so many national banks have collaborated and have ownership. It is available whether or not you have a bank account – there is no minimum requirement, other than being a resident of the UAE and having a SIM card. klip is instant, and when a klip transaction is made no personal financial data is transferred. klip operates in compliance with UAE Central Bank rules. No other payments system has all of these features.